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Medical Cylinders

We offer a wide range of lightweight, compact, highly portable products which are suitable for emergency services operating on land, water, and air.  
Our medical cylinders are used in a wide range of applications, including hospitals, dental, veterinary, home care, first responders, portable, aviation, etc.
The aluminium type I designed using proprietary alloys offers huge advantages for patients, especially those who are ambulatory or medical cylinders are designed and engineered to give patients the greatest possible freedom and autonomy. Lightweight, long-lasting and easy to use, they give people the opportunity to get on with enjoying their lives.
Medical Cylinders
Life Support Cylinders

Life Support

We offer a broad range of Type 3 Composite cylinders for firefighting and hazmat needs. Designed and manufactured for emergency applications, our cylinders provide protection and reliability in cramped, hazardous environments.

Our seamless Type 3 Aluminum cylinders provide 60%  weight reduction in comparison to conventional Steel Cylinders also Superior Corrosion Resistance in some of the most demanding environment.. Our Type 3 Cylinders are certified to the highest industry standards and are the preferred choice of OEM worldwide. Our cylinders are Approved by P.E.S.O Govt. India.


We’re constantly innovating to produce the most advanced technological solutions designed to ensure the reliable and rapid deployment of life safety systems.
Our cylinders are lightweight, durable, efficient and versatile, enabling greater innovation across the whole industry.

Our aerospace cylinders provide rapid deployment safety equipment to keep you safe in the air. From aeroplane egress slides to helicopter float systems, we’re with you in even the most extreme conditions

Industrial Cylinders


Our Specialty Gases cylinder are used in storage and transport of highly volatile low ppm or ppb ultra-high-purity gases. In Industrial sector Purity and Stability are the key factors that make our cylinder the preferred choice for Containment and storage solution for rare, volatile, specialty and high-purity gases, including gases used in the manufacture of semiconductors and other electronic product, also for comparative and reference gases for the calibration of scientific analytical equipment such as gas analyzers or gas detectors



Our SCUBA cylinders are approved to DOT-3 AL and ISO 7866 standards and prepared for use with oxygen-enriched breathing mixtures. A wide range of customization options are available.

SCUBA cylinders are cycle-tested in excess of 100,000 cycles at service pressure. Minimum burst pressure is tested to 2.5 times service pressure without failure.

Made in the U.S.A., Our carbon composite and type I paintball cylinders are a proven design featuring a lightweight-but-strong aluminium liner covered by a high-performance carbon-fibre overwrap in an epoxy resin matrix. These tough, extremely durable cylinders have set an exemplary standard for safety and dependability in paintball competition around the world.

Paint BAll